Database repair

Database data recovery and repair

In many data recovery cases, the objective is to repair a database that has suffered a loss of integrity or has been damaged because of a failure in the hard drive where it is stored.

In 1999, Cimaware Software, our subsidiary development company, launched the first MS Access file repair software in the world. Later on we launched AccessFix, which is currently the most efficient MS Access file repair tool.

We have received some of the most important awards in software industry, including Ziff Davis “Editors’ Pick Award”.

How it works

data base recovery
data base recovery of any format

Any format

  • Microsoft SQL
  • MySQL

  • Microsoft Access
  • IBM DB2

  • Oracle
  • SAP
database recovery lab

Any failure

  • Data deletion
  • Corruption
  • Inconsistency
OracleSQL ServerAccessMysqlSAPIBM

The price of the database recovery depends on the format, size and failure

We will ask you for the database scheme, based in an old backup copy. If the scheme is not available, we will have to manually rebuild it and you will get a detailed report with the number of tables and rows recovered in each table.