Data recovery lab with ISO 9001:2015
quality certification

Serman Recuperación de Datos has passed the ISO 9001:2015 certification audits without
a single nonconformity in its processes, which proves that the excellence required by the regulation
was already in the company’s imprint.

serman data recovery lab

National quality certification by CSQ.

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quality data recovery lab

Worldwide quality certification by IQNet.

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This regulation requires that every process in the company, from product manufacturing or service development to customer service, is carefully measured.

The goals of this regulation are focused on the customer satisfaction, requiring the certified companies a specific measure of said satisfaction and thus an approach towards excellence in the development of the service that the customer expects.

The main processes inspected in our certification:

  • Customer service and satisfaction.
  • Security and traceability when tracking damaged devices.
  • Information security (data safety and confidentiality).
  • Continuous training.
  • Specific R&D programs.
  • Optimization of all the processes in the production cycle, aiming to reduce execution times and to cut prices as much as possible, always with the prerequisite of maximizing the success rate.

Quality policy