More than 25 years recovering data: 1989-2017
The only data recovery laboratory in Spain between 1989 and 1999, and more than 100,000 data recovery cases.

Pioneers since 1989

In 1989 our company was investigating new electronic systems, programmable robots and automation. When one of our customers needed to recover information from a hard drive, we proceeded to "repair" it.
We used original procedures and recovered all the data.

That was the beginning of data recovery in Spain.

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Mª José Frutos


Thank you very much for your work and attention. I hope it will not happen to me again, but if it does I will keep you in mind. Please share my gratitude with the team that has done the job.

Mª José Frutos - FUNDOWN – Down Syndrome Fundation

Tomás López de Bufalá

I take this opportunity to thank you again for the professional services I am receiving from SERMAN. A pleasure to have counted on your support and definitely a company to recommend and reconnect whenever you require a similar service.

Tomás López de Bufalá - UNICEF - Chief of WASH, WASH Section, ACO

Fernando Valiente Uceda · Dpto. Audiovisuales


The results are excellent indeed, thank you very much for your work and your perfect service.

Fernando Valiente Uceda · Dpto. Audiovisuales - Fundación del Teatro Lírico