The only data recovery company
in Spain between 1989 and 1999

More than 100,000 data recovery cases.

In 1989 our company was investigating new electronic systems, programmable robots and automation. When one of our customers needed to recover information from a hard drive, we proceeded to "repair" it. We used original procedures and recovered all the data.

That was the beginning of data recovery in Spain.

25 years recovering data

Leading the way

1989: Launch of the first data recovery company in Spain.
1990: Launch of the first data recovery lab for mechanical failure in Spain.
1991: First data recovery from an IBM AS400 in Spain.
1993: First data recovery from a Novell Netware OS in Spain.
1998: Launch of cutting edge new laboratory, putting us in the lead for technical training in Europe.
2003: First data recovery from an Apple Xserve RAID in Spain.
2006: Launch of the solid-state drive (SSD) data recovery lab.
2007: Integration of processes using Dutch software Exact Synergy. Improvement over the whole chain of processes (this would lead to the achievement of ISO-9001:2008 certification).
2008: Pioneers in data recovery from VMware (VMFS) virtual servers.
2010: First data recovery from an Oracle ASM in Europe (on an HP EVA 4000 with 24 Fibre Channel drives on RAID5).
2011: Launch of the 5-year R&D project for the investigation of data recovery from solid-state drives (SSD).
2012-2016: Serman makes its biggest investment to date in improving its technology and processes, with the goal of adapting our prices to the changing times.
experts in data recovery

Magnetic hard drive (HDD) laboratory.

best tecnology and data recovery system

Solid-state drive (SSD) laboratory.

Serman data recovery labs

Telstar Class 100 clean room with laminar flow

Currently, Serman continues being a leader in data recovery, both to our customers and to other laboratories.

At present, Serman Recuperación de Datos has a high-tech laboratory, a team of specialized engineers, quality management standards (ISO 9001), thoroughly controlled and detailed processes, and, thanks to all that, an effectiveness in data recovery results at the same level as the most important laboratories in the world.