Data recovery tips

If your disk has not been tampered with,
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data recovery tips and advice
The platters area will become contaminated in a few minutes if the drive is not opened in a cleanroom.  The platters could also get damaged by static electricity or, even worse, irreparable scratches on their surface.

- Copying files to other device.

- Running disk defragmenters, antivirus software or integrity checkers.

- Running data recovery software.

Any of these operations will submit your hard drive to an intensive mechanical work and damage it further.
If you have formatted or deleted data by accident, never write new information nor reinstall the operative system.
Never allow chkdisk or scandisk to run. Abort any autorun process in a damaged system. These processes may corrupt the information further: it would not be readable, even if the recovery is successful.
  • Replacing RAID drives -it only works if the data are still accessible in degraded mode-.
  • Forcing rebuild processes -it only works if the rebuild is autorun-.
  • Setting up a new RAID -the new one will erase the old setup and look empty-.

You must proceed in the following way:

  • Write down accurately everything that happened after the failure or the last time you accessed the RAID: if it was partially accessible, if any of the drives was offline, if any attempt to repair the RAID was made, etc.
  • Write down the positions of the drives in the RAID.
  • Write down the RAID configuration from the controller menu (not always necessary).
  • If one of the drives has been replaced, keep the original one.