Backup tape data recovery

Backup tape data recovery
and format conversion

Serman is still one of the few laboratories in Europe with the technology to recover data from every type of backup and storage tapes. We have readers for every type of tape, and robotics for sequential access to overcome the most complicated failures.

How it works

backup tape data recovery
we recover back up tape data of any type of format

Any format

  • AIT-1, 2 y 3
  • Travan
  • DC6550
  • Open reel tapes
  • MO 2.5" y 3.5"
  • Iomega Zip and Jaz
  • DDS-1
  • DDS-2
  • DDS-3
  • DDS-4
  • DAT 72
  • DAT 160
  • DAT 320
  • DLT
  • DLT8000
  • DLT7000
  • DLT II
  • DLT IV
  • TK-50/TK-70
  • LTO-1
  • LTO-2
  • LTO-3
  • LTO-4
  • LTO-5
  • LTO-6
data recovery of any system of back up tape

Any system

  • Arcserve
  • Veritas
  • EMC (Legato)
  • Microsoft Backup
  • Retrospect
  • Tivoli
  • Acronis
  • Oracle
  • dump
  • tar
  • cpio
recovery lab backup tapes of any failure

Any type of failure

  • Logical failure (data are not accessible, but the hardware is not damaged -session deletion, catalog loss…-)
  • Physical failure. Damage in the storage container.
  • Format conversion.
ArcserveVeritasRetrospectLegatoIBM TivoliMicrosoft

We will design a personalized proyect for you

Data recovery from backup tapes, just like format conversion, is a highly specialized activity and is determined by both the device and the recording format. A specific system environment has to be assembled for each case. We will ask you to provide all the information regarding the number of tapes and the recording format.

* Taxes not included. - ** Optional

From 650€ *From 250€ *From 550€ *ASK FOR A QUOTE
Scenario setup **List of files retrieval Data extraction Physical damage / Special services
By definition, data extraction from backup tapes requires setting up a specific hardware and software scenario for every customer.
The setup of this working environment is necessary from the first inspection of the devices. Every backup tape data extraction service will include a starting minimum price for the project’s preparation, notwithstanding the number of backup tapes.
By default, the backup tape data extraction service is oriented to obtain as much information as possible from as many tapes as possible, provided by the customer. Sometimes the customer does not know the exact content of every tape and they might only need the data from one of them. However, retrieving that content requires almost the same amount of work as the extraction of all the data.
Optionally, before extracting all the data from the tapes, the customer can request a List of files so they can choose which tape or tapes they want its data extracted and copied from. This step is always optional and will be added to the extraction stage.
After setting up the scenario, analyzing the devices and the relations between them, analyzing the backup software used and once the access problems have been overcome, we will proceed to copy the information from the tapes to a new device, usually a hard drive.
In some special damage cases, like overwriting of sessions, physical damage of the storage device, proprietary or non-standard backup systems, water damage, fire damage, etc., Serman will offer a quote based on a customized project.
Special quotes will also be offered if the customer wants to recover data from a high number of backup tapes.