If we do not get 100% of your data, we will refund
the full amount of recovery.

data recovery and recovery process faq and questions
Nothing. We will never ask you to pay for spare parts, nor for other non-recoverable expenses, to get a result. Serman Recuperación de Datos will offer you a fixed quote and a list of recoverable files completely free of charge. If we cannot find 100% of the data you will have the option to reject the quote and be refunded 100% of any advanced payment.
Twenty-four hours after receiving your device in our laboratory, we will send you a diagnosis with a fixed quote for the data recovery.
The device damage definition and, subsequently, the exact cost of the recovery. The diagnosis does not guarantee the recoverability.
The list of files is a report detailing, file by file, the list of recoverable files and their integrity. If the list does not include 100% of the lost data, you can decide whether to accept our data recovery service or not.
Nothing. You will make the final decision to hire the data recovery service according to the result (list of files).
No. The data recovery price will be fixed according to the kind of failure, the type of device and the urgency.

Serman Recuperación de Datos was the first data recovery laboratory in Spain, and the only one between 1989 and 1999. We are not aware of any case we considered irrecoverable but was later solved in other laboratory. However, there are a lot of devices considered irrecoverable by other laboratories, and which we end up recovering successfully.

Nevertheless, if the device have been inadequately manipulated the chances of recovery will drop drastically.
In the early 90s, data recovery was 95% focused on companies. More and more individuals use data recovery services now, thanks to the growth in the hard drives market, which has favored a reduction of prices.
Serman Recuperación de Datos will sign a confidentiality agreement with you prior to receiving the device. Besides, we will send you the recovered data in an encrypted medium if you request it.
Serman Recuperación de Datos can pick up your device for free in any place in Spain. The return shipping will also be free if you accept the recovery. You will pay the return shipping only if you reject the quote or if the device is irrecoverable.
The recovered data will be copied in a new hard drive, which we will quote according to the amount of recoverable data. You can send us a hard drive to copy the data in it if you do not wish to purchase a new one. If the amount of recovered data is less than 4GB, we can copy them in a DVD with no extra charge.